Bunnypants – an awesome team designing awesome stuff…

What a pleasure to do Strengthawareness sessions with  teams! Bunnypants team is a mix of very diverse individual s working together to make your website look great, custom made for your brand.

Two managers/owners and three ladies with a mix of executing, influencing, relational and thinking talents!  Some are stronger in executing and others in influencing – everything that is needed in this dynamic, creative environment.

The owner, Willem, is passionate about maximizing his employees, empowering them to operate and work in their strengths. Using the communicator to do exactly that, the WOOs to work with the clients, the focus/achiever to do exactly that, giving a flawless service.

Watch this space – Bunnypants are going to grow from strength to strength becoming the preferred service provider for designing your custom made website! 

See some of the pictures of my great time with them;

• Unfortunately we enjoyed ourselves SO much, we did not remember to take a group photo – but our loyal supporter was not camera shy – he even dressed himself up for the occasion! (Botox, the dog in the bow tie)

• Look at the cool cards they designed for me – each one received their Top 5 cards unique to them in a wooden block.


Following is some of the bunnypants team’s feedback of the session:

“The Strength finder Training, done by Wilmien Davis, could never have come at a better time! As our business was going through quite a lot of changes this year, these insights helped so much, and also has a great impact on one’s personal life. The way you hear, understand, feel, react, communicate and execute, all comes back to your strengths, in every situation.

Understanding them better, learning to operate within them, training to have them become real strengths and not just characteristics. All of this will make life easier! Will make ‘being yourself’ easier! It will make you rejoice that what God have decided you to be!

For me personally, understanding that THIS is the way God create ME, I am now even more convinced to understand these strengths better and better! To develop them, learn them and LIVE them!!!!

This will have an influence on all my future decisions, all my future ventures and probably all my future relationships as well. For now I understand myself better, helping me to understand situations and others better! Wilmien Davis has done this coaching with so much passion, so much personal insight and experience, and so much joy! What a privilege!!” – Lorraine Nelson, Art Director

How Wilmien Davis (training) influenced me…

• Breaking your personality traits into more relatable particles

• Focus on your strengths and how to improve them

• How to recognise other peoples personality strengths

• Recognising your colleagues strengths and how to understand them

• Which of your strengths to use in different circumstances

• How to make your strengths work for you

• Not everyone has the same set of skills

Summary of what I learned about myself and how this helped me

I never knew why I struggled with some of the aspects of life – like concentrating, being flexible and remembering… People always said it’s abnormal to be this positive and an extreme socialite… 

Thought I was weird and had ADD… lol… Boy was I wrong… 

What this training has taught me is that 

• I am an adaptable person, but that I have a need to strategize to keep my mind satisfied and to overcome some confusion

• I am a very confident person (woo) which means that people can easily find common ground with me and feel at ease around me – this also improves with my communication strength

• I have a positive outcome to every situation – strategic + positive

• I love people, conversations, and convincing people, listening and giving positive advice…

I know now who I am and that what I do daily is not abnormal and that there are multiple ways to use my strengths in situations, my life and regarding people – loving life now!! ” – Diani Stols, Graphic Designer/Web Developer

To know your Identity is compiled by the strengths we possess and shape on a daily bases is awesome. To know how to use your strengths in a positive manner whether in working environment or your personal live is filled with excitement. Nothing beats the feeling of identifying why you react the way you do and how it influences you thinking patterns.” – Madelein Kriel, Project Planner/Office Administrator

Discovering your top 5 strengths at this young age is very beneficial and has already made such a huge impact on my life. I now know so much more about myself and understand why i act the way i do. 

I am a very self-conscious person and have absolutely no self-confidence, as i couldn’t understand why i acted the way i did. I didn’t understand my emotions and i always felt tired with no explanation? I always tried to be what i thought other people found acceptable.

After doing the strength finder, i know exactly how i operate and in a weird way, i feel much more comfortable in my own skin, because i was made aware that everyone thinks and acts differently.

And for the first time, i can feel proud and not care about the opinions.” – Zanelle Smit, Graphic Designer / Web Developer

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