I was making myself a honey drink one evening to combat a nasty cough.  As I held the honey tub in my hand, I remembered the Bee movie.

Do you remember the “Bee” movie? 


The bees made honey all day long, their focus was only on the honey and everything in the hive revolved around honey making. None of them wondered or considered that there was a bigger world outside of the hive and making honey.  For them life was about sweet, shiny honey. Every bee in the hive was content with their life of honey. The bees perceived their primary goal in life to make honey.  Their purpose in life was: making honey.

All except one. 

This one questioned life, he questioned the outside world, where do they fit into the bigger picture?  He spread his wings and went out exploring, even breaking a few of the sacred “bee” rules.  During his adventure he realized that honey was also enjoyed by people and people are not able to produce their own honey, they take it (forcefully) from the bees.  This little bee was consumed with righteous anger and took the humans to court.  After a victorious battle, bees didn’t have to work that hard anymore and they could relax with more than enough honey around.

Little did the bees realize that their bigger purpose in life was about to wither right before their own eyes. 

The flowers started to die, without the essential pollination that only bees can provide, the flowers could not reproduce their annual beauty show.  With a shock, the bees realized that their main purpose in life was to pollinate flowers and not really to make honey.  Honey production was a by-product of their main purpose of pollination, and not their main purpose in life.  Now they still work hard, very hard (as always) to pollinate the plants.  The more they pollinate, the more raw material they gather for honey production and the more honey they have.

So often we focus on making honey (or shall I call it money) and see THAT as our aim and our purpose.  Now and then one of us will exit the rat race and look at the bigger picture to realize there is more to life than making money.  We also see how we fall into the trap to get extorted with our money – we are so busy doing life, we don’t realize where our money goes to.  That normally creates righteous anger within us. 

If we stop there, we stay cynical, angry, and unfulfilled human beings.

Look at the flowers and realize they are wilting, look at the fruit trees (the fruits of the Spirit in your life) – are they bearing fruit?  Maybe you have not found your true purpose in life, your fruit tree is bare without fruit.  Cast your eyes to the Maker of all things and find your purpose from Him – He will guide you.  Then you can go back to your normal activities, work as hard as always, but now your focus will change.  You will no longer make money for the sake of making money, you will find the good ground to plant seeds in, to spread the Good News, to live a life in overflow of Fruit and Honor God, then the money is a by product and you can rest assured that:

Life has meaning, purpose and you can enjoy the fruit of your labor.

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