PPP022 The coaching journey

The transformation of coaches over time Coaching is a new, as well as an old concept.  In preparation for this article (podcast), I did some research into the origins of coaching as well as the modern day application thereof.  Today I want to explore coaching with...

PPP017 Psychology of the future

A new dynamic guest, Charlotte Kemp Mulvey and I know you will be inspired listening to this interview.  Part 1 focusses on Futuristic Thinking   Wilmien and Charlotte addresses many topics around utopia, distopia and a realistic view of life as well as some...

PPP023 Nurturing the Nation

  Mother’s Day is around the corner, hope you remembered!  This Mother’s Day episode is dedicated to all the biological, adopted AND mentor moms out there.  Women who nurture, support, assist, console, motivate and encourage others in life.  Whether you are a mum...

PPP018 Getting unstuck

Part two of the inspiring interview with Charlotte Kemp, which focusses on how to have resiliency for difficult situations   Charlotte shares a very real failure during the interview Wilmien had with her and how she was able to get up and grow beyond her initial...

PPP025 Feeding acorns

Part two of the great interview with Roger Harrop a motivational business growth speaker.   Roger has vast experience in corporate as an executive as well as experience being an entrepreneur.   Here follows a transcription of the interview word for word as...

Who am I?

In order to determine your personal brand and to strategically position yourself in the marketplace, it is imperative that you know yourself on a deeper level.  Listen to the recording and think - how will you answer this for yourself?    

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