PPP017 Psychology of the future

A new dynamic guest, Charlotte Kemp Mulvey and I know you will be inspired listening to this interview.  Part 1 focusses on Futuristic Thinking   Wilmien and Charlotte addresses many topics around utopia, distopia and a realistic view of life as well as some...

Entertaining Elephants

Entertaining Elephants report written by Lillian Davis (11)                   Elephants usually live in groups called nuclear bonds. A couple of these bonds make one herd, and a couple of herds make one, immense social group. In the Savanna you will find rouges and...

Silent but deadly

     Silent but deadly                                                                                                           Report written  By Daniel Wenhold (10) The elephants fight in human wars. They are caught by falling into    pits. Gunshots scare them so...

Does the Strong Need the Weak?

Does the strong need the weak? By Leonardo Davis (9)             Golden, who was an eagle, was sleeping peacefully. But Flash, the dangerous peregrine falcon was having fun in the air his wing accidentally hit Golden’s head because he didn’t look wear he was going. ...

Awesome Fish

Awesome Fish By Kean Oli4   The Cichlid is a beautiful fish and is called the Mbuna in Malawi. Cichlids can grow 2-30 cm which is more valuable if It’s smaller, because aquarium owners want smaller fish. Surprisingly the larger cichlids are eaten by humans. They have...

The best birthday ever!

Lilian (almost 11 years) decided to write a poem from pictures.     The Best birthday ever By Lillian Davis   An older sister did bake A happy birthday cake While looking out for her brother She was humming a little song With a flower cap on But her bad brother saw...
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