Chemistry of Leadership

Chemistry of Leadership are for leaders in their fields who are taking their role seriously and want to bring the best out of the people they are leading.


 / liːdəʃɪp /

The action of leading a group of people or an organization.

It is not easy being a ‘Salty Leader’. (See the video for more on Salty Leadership). As individuals we are on a journey to become mature, not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. It is a constant journey of growth to improve our skills as we gain more responsibility and greater influence. As the world changes, leadership styles must adjust to keep up with the demands from stakeholders and employees. Some evergreen aspects of leadership will stay relevant, but new techniques and methods are critical to survive.

Wilmien assists you on this journey. First to understand yourself better (the molecules you are made up of) with the help of the Gallup Strengthfinder tool. Having done various assessments during her corporate journey Wilmien found the Strengthfinder assessment with coaching through the results as a powerful tool to understand more about a person’s driving forces as well as ‘’triggers’’ that might limit them as a leader. The more you understand yourself, the more insight you have to change your behaviour and respond to situations effectively.

Wilmien’s leadership program addresses core elements of leadership, which is a mix between age old basic skills and the new thinking required to adjust in a changing world. The program is interactive and practical and not just another theoretical exercise which is not implemented in the workplace.

There are a variety of services built around the concept of the Elements of a Salty leader:

  • Be inspired by an unique Keynote on Leadership
  • Do your Strengthfinder assessment with coaching
  • Attend the training (online or book in person for larger groups)
  • Follow the Youtube channel and website for blogs and new thinking on leadership
  • If you love everything w.r.t. leadership, subscribe as a Salty Leader and come on this journey of transformation


What are the elements a good leader is made from? How does these elements interact to form molecules and at the end the complexity of a leader? Join in the webinars when we talk about the anatomy of a leader to be introduced to the elements or attend a training session where we will dig deeper into every element and give practical skills for leaders to take further and improve their effectiveness.


Contact us for an assessment and coaching on your unique talents. Understand what energizes you and what to stay away from. Find practical skills to manage what you are good at.

Strength Finder


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If you have any questions regarding our services, kindly complete the online enquiry. Alternatively, you can send us an email to and we will get back to you shortly.


What our clients say

My expectations at the beginning was results driven, but you have me so many valuable tools and perspective that I think results driven is an understatement.
You were kind to me on challenging my belief system of myself. You pulled out my mismanaged beliefs and helped me to understand what I believed about me and change the conversation completely about me being a problem to looking at the scenario differently and objectively. You challenged me to look deeper and helped in the transformation.
You intertwined the life, business, finance, business, and strengths coaching into one package. I am not sure you can get that anywhere else.
The way you approach the big vision statement that I had helped me to manage my anxiety. You helped me to break it up in manageable chunks, you were able to give me a reality check so that I was not overwhelmed with getting to the vision, which helped me to be kinder to myself and only needed to focus on the next chunk rather than being overwhelmed with the longer term goal.

Melisha Moonsami

People are the lifeblood of every successful organisation and results are only achieved when they are working effectively. Having worked with Wilmien, I know that she has an uncanny ability to help anyone think through, understand and address their own challenges. Best of all, without any specific advice she helps you to find practical solutions to your own challenges, and then guides you to get it done. Wilmien’s approach is compassionate and it is easy to connect with her. Her coaching style of encouraged perspective taking and self-examination results in thoughtful and insightful feedback. I have seen the difference in those within our company that have embraced the process of working on their strengths with Wilmien.

Eugene Muller
  • Wilmien was quick to establish trust between us. I am naturally sceptical but never felt so in the sessions which she handled professionally and very competently.
  • Wilmien is able to ask insightful questions which are uncannily well timed.
  • She has a Mary Poppins bag of tools and insights which facilitate learning and understanding and deepen the coaching experience. For example, the SCARF model and Strength finder.
Annamia van den Heever
Senior Lecturer
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