Culture and change

Why is it so difficult to change the culture of your company or team?

I have been struggling to put all my thoughts together on the dynamics of change and culture and I think I finally nailed it!  All my years of experience at a major corporate giant my recent experience working with smaller enterprises has taught me about the basic ingredients of change.

Join me on this discovery journey where I will make use of analogies/metaphors and share some of my personal experiences along the way.  Change is like producing cheese, I will introduce my very logical maths equation (for the left brainers out there) and link it to an analogy of cheese (for the right brainers out there).

I will break the ideas down into bitesize chunks so that you can savour everyone, without feeling bloated with too much info J

This journey will unpack the mathematics of change and culture and I hope in the end it will all add up for you!

PART 1 The maths – It all adds up! Or does it?

PART 2: The Big Cheese – Who makes the cheese?

PART 3: The ingredients of change

PART 4: The equipment for making change (cheese)

PART5: It all adds up – The recipe

PART6: Change in the Bible

If you want to read all the articles, here are the links:

If you rather prefer to read it in English, here are the links:

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