Strengthfinder for my team was an unbelievable add to my business.
It is genuinely such good seed that you sowed in my life and in the lives of our employees.
It was an awakening of each individual’s strong points and of who we are.
You at one stage talked about emotional intelligence and that it starts with our self-awareness. That was absolutely spot on.
Each individual in our group talks with great appreciation of their one on one and group sessions of strength finder. They found it to be uplifting and energising.
After the group sessions we understand each other better and have more respect for each individual for who they are.
Although our group dynamic was already there, it took us to new heights.
What you called the hot spots and they way to handle conflict when the going gets tough, were specifically of great value.
We now have the tools to handle these situations much better.
It gave me as the manager so many tools to manage the staff better, to manage their energy levels and to deploy the right person for the right task.
To conclude and summarise in one word is thankfulness.
Thankful for your faithfulness, for what you have done for us and the energy you brought with the way you presented strengthfinder.
I can see that you are passionate about it and that passion overflowed to us as a group.
It was very so good and it is something I will recommend to each individual, businessmen, business organisation, organisations and/or group of people that work as a team.
It is truly of inestimable value.

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