Lilian (almost 11 years) decided to write a poem from pictures.



The Best birthday ever

By Lillian Davis


An older sister did bake

A happy birthday cake

While looking out for her brother

She was humming a little song

With a flower cap on

But her bad brother saw

And heard it all

This was all a science birthday surprise

At sunrise

Although the story is only third told

Now, Lo and Behold.


Pour in chemicals, did the brother

Not notice, did the mother

These chemicals were popping PLOF

From the faraway land of CLOF

He had to creep to put it in

And accidentally dropped in a pin

And thought ‘’Hmm, a surprise for a surprise

At sunrise.”

He went to school

Which had a pool.


Then the cake went in and the cake went out

But did not shake all about

Instead it went, ‘Pop!’

At least no one spied a cop.

The sister decorated it, although it was scary

Oh, and this house was at the prairie

The cake looked funny

Because it looked like a bunny

That boy was clever,

But it was the best birthday ever


The end.

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