Lilian (almost 11 years) wrote a three paragraph story from 3 Pictures.


 The end of the world

by Lillian Davis


Once upon a time there was a man who was unaware of the outside because he was sitting and reading peacefully. Under the tree as black as a wolf, was someone bad. The man, who was lurking under the tree, worked for a bad, bad boss. This boss had commanded him to overheat all the lamps in the city to finish all the bad of the week. Suddenly the man inside looked up and sniffed.


This boss’s terrible master plan was to take over the world! Scornfully he remembered his master plan, which was to overheat all the electric stuff, then pretend he had a time machine and could restore all the lamps, TVs, etc. if the people made him kind of the world. Meanwhile, in the cosy house this lamp started to overheat, not very surprising to us, but to the man reading it was the most surprising thing that happened in his life. The man under the tree, suddenly disappeared, because a police man was hiding inside the trunk and a police lady, under a trapdoor under the chair of the reading man, was also hiding.  Under the melting lamp the man was starting to dose off when something grabbed him. While this happened the lamp started to melt quicker and quicker.


In the midst of all this commotion, the evil, short-sighted boss was grabbed by the collar and dragged to the police station. When the boss was thrown into his police cell, he spied one of his accomplices and the man who was grabbed from the chair, who had started to sleepily dose of again. The police investigated the crime of the melted lamps and let the honest man go, because he was only reading when the lamp started to melt.  Miserably the boss cried out: “It is the end of the world!”


The end.

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