Lilian (almost 11 years) wrote a 3 paragraph story based on The little red hen.



The Best Stew Ever!

 [A story from the little red hen.]

by Lillian Davis

          Once upon a time there was a vixen, and her name Little Red Vixen or Mrs. V. She had a husband called Big Red Fox or Mr. F, they were both red foxes. The couple had five cute cuddly brown pups. The pups were as clumsy as they were cute, the clumsier the cuter! All the foxes lived in a hole, dug a hill, in the middle of a deep, dark forest, in Canada. They lived a happy, simple life, but were hard working. The pups were as clumsy as they were cute, the more clumsy, the cuter.  Mrs. Coyote, also called Mrs. C, lived with Mr. Mountain Lion also called Mr. M.L. They both lived in the deep dark forest, because they were neighbours of the foxes.  Mrs C. land Mr. M.L. lived together in peace.  These two were lazy, oh so lazy, so lazy they will not do any chores, because they were so lazy they did not help when Mrs. V. or Mr. F. asked for their help.


          Once Mrs. V. wanted to cook up some rabbit stew and asked Mrs. C. to help catch the rabbit.  She just yawned and answered: “Not I.” Mrs. V. and her family caught a rabbit after ten hours!  Then Mr. F. asked Mr. M.L. if h would skin the rabbit while he chopped some wood.  Mr M.L. just protested, “Not I.” and fell asleep. So Mr. F. had to skin the rabbit and chop the wood while Mrs. V. and her pups went to get water from a two mile away well. Mr. F. and Mrs. V. asked Mr. M.L. and Mrs C. if they will help prepare the stew. They protested at the same time, “Not we.” So the foxes had to pour the water into the pot, put in the veggies, light the fire and put the meat in! Mrs. V. asked, “Who will help eat the stew?”  Mr. M.L. and Mrs. C. exclaimed wide-eyed, “We will!”


Mr. F. calmly spoke, “Anyone can eat the stew who have helped.  Because prises are for hard work.” So, the fox family lapped up all the stew.  The coyote and lion drooled to try and tempt the fox family so that could also have some stew, but they only got bread.  Meanwhile the fox family all agreed it was the best stew ever!


The end.

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