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The first two parts of this series looked at what is keeping you from reaching your dreams and New Year’s resolutions. The second part gave you a high level plan how to reach your goals. But, the devil is in the detail and each person has a different journey.  Read on for available options if you feel you require some more assistance.

Life coaching: Your coach is trained to assist you to overcome obstacles; to ensure you are motivated; keep you on track; to help you with the planning; to ensure your goal is significant enough; keep you accountable; and to remind you why this is so important to you. You get the full attention of your coach for an hour a week. I have studied Results Coaching that is based on the latest brain research. The tools and information we received is designed to help you achieve the results you crave.  Have a look on my website for testimonials from clients.

Business coaching:  Commit to work ON your business by identifying 3 impressive goals that will take your business to the next level.  Can you afford not to? Options available to coach the business owner directly or in a group with other business owners.

Leadership coaching:  The challenges of being a leader or manager is immense and the support little.  Unlock your full potential by focusing on your leadership skills and become the leader you dream of.

Group coaching:  This is a cheaper option per individual. You and two or three friends decide to do this together, but cannot afford the one on one option. Group coaching is the more economical option, but you will have less one on one interaction with your coach. 

Seminars: I present seminars on a wide range of topics, including: the human brain, relationships, balance, energy, emotional intelligence, project management and communication. Look at my website for information evenings if you are interested.

Contact me if any of these options resonate with you.



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