Last week we had a look at how the devil disguises him.  Have you been able to discern one of the ways he likes to approach you? This week we will look at one of the devil’s deceptive ways.

Eve said that the devil ‘’beguiled’’ her.  Beguile, deceived greatly and utterly comes from the world nash from a primitive root: to lead astray (mentally) to delude or mentally to seduce.  The devil beguiled her, he deceived her greatly by adding a lie to the truth, by coming in a clever, subtle way in a disguise that she did not expect.

What leads you astray?  And don’t only think of physical things, think of mental things.  All the negative thoughts against something or somebody.  Self-doubt. Jealousy.  Feelings of not being good enough, of being a failure, of rejection.  Are they from God or has Satan took something that looked true and added a small lie on top of it?

King Hezekiah’s authority was attacked by the King of Assyria.  The Assyrian King wanted to fight and take over their land.  The prophet Isaiah prophesied that the Lord will help the Israelites and give the battle in their hands.  The Assyrian King was furious, it did not make sense, he had the power, the tools, and the army that totally outweighed that of the Israelites. (The story is captured in 2 Kings 18, 19, 2 Cron 32, Isa 36, 37).  Hezekiah stood strong on the Word of God from Isaiah and probably motivated the Israelites with that word, because the Assyrian King sent his messenger to tell the people of Israel that Hezekiah is deceived, there is no way his Lord can win the battle for them, they must rather just surrender. 

In this story I read another tactic of the devil’s deception.  God tells you His promises via a prophet, the Bible, a teaching and the promises is not making logical sense, the odds are against you. 

Gold told Eve (to protect her life) she must not eat from the two trees.

The Devil told Eve. ‘Surely you will not die’

God (via the prophet and King Hezekiah) told the Israelites they will be OK, they will not die

The devil (via the Kind of Assyria) told the Israelites King Hezekiah is deceiving them, they will die.

There is a pattern here. 

How many times do we get advice, tidings form God, but then we think better or are gripped by fear.  Don’t let Satan deceive you. Don’t be lead astray. Many times we tend to be good at not being lead physically astray, but we loose the mental battle. 

At the end of the story Isaiah’s prophecy reigned true.  In the process, every time Hezekiah heard something that was against the Word of God, he went to pray and God answered via Isaiah and Isaiah gave another prophesy in response.  Hezekiah was at the receiving end of the devil’s deception, he was the victim, the innocent one, the one who was accused of deceiving others. My first response would have been to write a loooong letter to the King and give all my facts for having to trust God and how God has helped me and he had no right to talk to the Israelites directly and how dare he undermine my authority……  But Hezekiah was wiser than I am.  He went to God.  He prayed to God.  God gave them the real victory, not the victory with words. 

Sometimes I am also like the Israelites, I hear someone say something – that is too good to be true.  Then someone else comes along with logic that seems to me closer to the truth and I might question the integrity of the first person.  I have been deceived.   I would rather believe the story where the ”facts” seems to be more true.  I have learned that the God is bigger than the facts that seems so obvious to me.  I am searching for God’s messengers, who I can trust – I will hang to their words and not be deceived by the facts that is presented before me. 

Let us learn how to discern the devil’s deception in all areas of our lives. I want to encourage you to run first to God when you feel you are trapped in lies, in deception, in people using you in their deception.  And then wait to hear what God replies back to you.

Next week I will expand a little on the Lies of Satan in this world.

May the LORD bless you and keep you.

May His face shine upon you and be gracious to you

May He turn His face toward you and give you peace.

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