Last week we started to recognize the pattern of the devil.  He starts with something scriptural, something truthful, but then he tries to cast doubt on the truthful piece.  The same approach the devil used with Jesus’s temptation.  In mat 4 and Luk 4 we see that the devil’s approach, his modus operandi;, was ALWAYS to start with the Word of God: “It is written…”over and over again!

He uses the WORD and then adds Lies to it.  If you look at the word WORD as in the Word of God and you add an L in it, you get WORLLLLLLD, Maybe that is why we should not conform to this world….   It seems to me that the WORLD base its ways, morals principles on good things from the WORD and adds a bit of Lies in the mix.  We are in this world, not from the world, or the rephrase, We are in the WORLD and from the WORD. That is the crux to determine the Lies – compare what the WORLD says to the WORD of God. That is what Jesus did.  He refuted the devil by saying: ‘’ It is also written:’’.  He did not try to say No, devil, you are wrong, you are taking it out of context!! No, He knew the Word so well, by heart, that he could use it when in difficulty to help Him. 

That is why I become more and more passionate about memorizing Scripture.  I don’t have to tell you it stands in Acts 3:4 or Luk9:11 when I am in a difficult situation and need God’s power to help me, now, I must just be able to say:  Do onto others as you would like to be done onto you; or work for God, not for human masters.  I also feel passionate about teaching my kids to memorize scripture.  You can learn more of that by the following link:

Satan uses the WORD out of context by adding LIES.  We need to be careful to do the same and we need to be able to detect the lies.  The only way to do it is to know the WORD and the full context of it.

My husband told me this one story form a men’s camp he went on.  Ratpoison is 99% food and only 1% poison.  The 1% can kill a rat.  Satan will tempt you with 99% truth from the Word of God and add 1% lies to it.  These 1% lies are the poison that steals our freedom, which keeps us in bondage.  One of my coaching clients shared another story with me that can put this in perspective.  We might be scared of preachers and teachers that might do the same, that might add their own thinking to the Word (as I am doing now), but they are still humans, they can make mistakes and act from their own ego and their own misperceptions.  What now, we want to stay true to the Word.  His advice from his friend:   Eat the fish and spit out the ‘’’’grate’’’’’.  Eat the Word and spit out the Lies.  Very good advice.

We are on a journey to become free of bondage, free from our own worldly heart, soul, and mind.  We will only achieve ultimate freedom when we are able to break the bondage the world has on our heart, soul and mind.

When we understand the WORD and can discern the LIES in the WORLD, we will become free to do this.  We will be able to reach more of the potential He created us for.  We will become physically, emotionally and spiritually more mature.

Now what are some of the major LIES in the world that tempts us and keeps us in bondage?

  1. You are what you have – your possessions determines your value and happiness. Peace only comes when you are satisfied
  2. Popularity – your success is determined by what others think of you. Your worth is determined by other’s ranking of you
  3. Position, your status in life makes your identity, it gives you power and influence.

There is some truth in this, but it is peppered with half-truths.  God does want to bless you with possessions, popularity and position, but only after you are free from the stronghold it can have on you.  Possessions can give an indication, popularity and position as well.  But as many good examples there are on the positive side, so many people are popular for the wrong reasons, so many are in caught up in positions where their identity cannot be independent from it.

Next week I will look Jesus’s words and actions.

May the LORD bless you and keep you.

May His face shine upon you and be gracious to you

May He turn His face toward you and give you peace.

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