My previous study lead me to the topic of freedom.  I got to a point where I realized we are in bondage spiritually and emotionally and we struggle to break free.  I saw how we are in a prison, an old prison with those heavy chains and shackles.  We prayed to God to set us free, and He cut through the chains when we accepted Jesus in our hearts.  But I saw how we grabbed hold of the chains, which is still connected to the walls of the prison, because we are scared, we are scared of the unknown, we are afraid of what might be waiting for us out there.  We are so used to what we know, that we keep on doing what we’ve always done and don’t venture into our newly found freedom.  I started to meditate on this more and more.  Why do we do this? Why do I do this?  This keeps me from reaching my spiritual potential in life.  This bondage is mostly in my mind.  What I think and how I feel about it.  It goes very deep to the heart of the matter.  I need to spend the time and energy to evaluate my thoughts, beliefs, emotions.  In this way, I can identify some of the blockages in my mind, some of the chains I still cling to, which keeps me from growing my potential and limits my ability to achieve my dreams and purpose He has for me.


I think one of the things that steals our Freedom to reach our potential is temptations, earthly temptations.  Jesus was finally recognized in the public as the ‘’Son of God’’ during His Baptism with John and IMMEDIATELY thereafter He was lead into the desert and tempted by Satan.

The dictionary says the following about temptation

Temptation is the desire to do something wrong on unwise

Satan would NOT have tempted Jesus on something that would have been easy to resist, he used something that he was sure would be a challenge, even for ‘’God that became flesh’’ himself.  Therefore I believe these temptations are some of the most difficult for any human being to resist.  We tend to be so hard on ourselves: “”How could I have fallen for that again!”

I think when we realized how strong these temptations are for human nature, we will have grace towards ourselves. But in the same breath we must not stop to resist.  The more we UNDERSTAND these temptations, these desires to do something wrong or unwise, the more powerful we are to resist them, to fight against it. When we are able to put our finger on the root of what’s weakening us, and we have the courage to stare it in the face, pull it out or our hearts, and fill the empty space with good, fruitful motivations, we free ourselves from the bondage of temptations towards a life filled with endless Possibilities, Potential towards our Purpose.

The first temptation we read of in the Bible, is the one in the beginning, the one in Genesis 3 where the devil tempted Eve to eat from one of the trees God forbade them to eat from.

To tempt means to try to entice someone to do something that they find attractive, but know to be wrong or unwise. To persuade someone to do something, normally risk provoking with undesirable consequences.

The devil will not tempt you with something that looks awful, no it looks attractive.  But we know it is probably not the right thing to do. 

This week I am going to stand still and try to see what is behind things that entice me, things I think is looking attractive.  I am going to physically write it down and meditate on it and see if I can find Word from God to test the truth.  Next week I am going to share a bit more on what I saw when I studied the story of Eve.

After listening, send me 2-3 thins I can pray for you before the end of Friday.  I commit time in my diary on Saturday to pray for each and every one of you who sends me the things that keeps you in bondage.

May the LORD bless you and keep you.

May His face shine upon you and be gracious to you

May He turn His face toward you and give you peace.


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