How to make lasting changes in your life

If you read the previous blog, you might be convinced that new tactics and bucketsful of effort are required to establish new habits and bring about permanent change. 

Do you want to carry on, year after year, with the same results,  or is it time to shape up and work on that one dream that will make a difference in your life?

We can learn a lot from successful companies that want to start a new project, roll out a new product, or establish themselves in a new market.

First, they spend hours to ensure that these ambitions are meaningful, that they will lead to the required results.  I have been in meetings where people argued about one word  for two hours – sometimes unnecessarily, but it is because we believe in the power of words  Make sure your goal, your end result, is worth the effort, time and money you want to spend on it.  Make sure you have the correct wording. Understand the vision – the stronger the vision the easier the execution

Secondly, where are you now?  Companies spend lots of effort to get the data, not the opinions of people, but the real, hard core data. The facts. What have you accomplished? What have you done that worked or did not work?  Understand your current set of affairs, so that it is clear what is still required to achieve the goal.  We don’t want to reinvent the wheel or waste time and energy of repeating the same mistakes.

Thirdly, plan the change.  No company will just jump in and start running with the first idea that comes to mind.  They look at the whole journey and put significant milestones in place (strategies) to reach the goal, they investigate alternatives, they spend time thinking out of the box to generate new innovative solutions.  They spend time to budget for enough resources (people, money, time) to ensure nothing will keep them from reaching their goals.  The same effort is required when looking at our own personal goals.  Time spent planning is NEVER a waste. You will make up for it three times during the implementation phase.

Then, ensure you engage conflict – you need to fight for this.  If it is easy, anyone can do it or you would have done it years ago.  Be willing to fight with yourself.  I can tell numerous stories on how we have fought during the implementation phase of a project – just because we all believed in it so strongly and because there are obstacles on our way. We are not willing to give up, it must get done. Our managers expected of us to keep going and they kept us accountable.  Who is keeping you accountable for your dreams?  I also like to say we need to get over our activation energy; there is a certain hump in the road for each of us that keep us from going after our dreams. This ‘bump’ makes us scared, and it feels as though it will drain us from energy.  Find someone to help and motivate you through that initial blockage and then you’ll be able to run to the end.

Finally, share your story.  Companies celebrate the end of successful projects; sometimes they celebrate each and every successful milestone.  Share and celebrate the achievement of your goal – it was not easy, but you did it.  Well done.

Read Part 3 if you feel you need more assistance.

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