Identity: Lesson 1: Welcome


 I am super excited that you have joined me on this journey towards a stronger identity in God.  He loves you so much and want you to break free from anything that could hold you back.  

This journey  might  become challenging.  Remember, your enemy does not want youto have a strong identity, his plans are to destroy your identity and he uses people, situations, your past and your circumstances to influence that.  God, however wants you to be strong in  your identity in Him, then you can achieve His purpose for you!   Accept the challenges and work through them, you will be stronger and freeer at the end.

Every week you will get a small amount of homework to do.  Please spend time doing it, it will only assist in enriching your experience.  You will never  be forced to share everything, but the more you share the more you will be free from any  bonds keeping you, especially the bonds of shame and guilt.  No one is here to judge, neither are you.  We expect everyone attending this course to respect and appreciate each other’s journeys.

I will load a teaching video and notes on this platform every week, which you can watch and enjoy in your own time.  Then we will have a scheduled group time together where I will allow us all to discuss our learning.  You will be amazed how much you can learn from the journey of others, therefore I strongly advice that you share your journey too.  You never know how much God can use a small thing in your life to enrich someone else’s.  You don’t have to be perfect to sow into someone else’s life, you must just be willing and obeying God’s voice.

You have either received your giftpack already or it is on its way.  You can open the box, and enjoy all the surprises which are not sealed in the weekly packages.  The closed packages are surprises you will open every week in the group session at the appointed time.  It has been carefully selected to enhance your experience and learning from teaching.

Your booklet is there for your notes.  Use it and keep all your notes together in one place.  In the box you will also see a few laminated bookmarks.  They have the words of the songs I will use during the course on them.  The words are profound and read them as you listen to the songs and let the music and words enrich you.  Have your box close by during all the group sessions.

After the group session I will ask you to reflect, to journal, to do a bit of homework – all of this is geared to make the learning permanent.  This is not going to be another course where you learn and never implement. The more you can implement these concepts the more value you will get from the retreat.

You will be amazed which deep frienships you can form over the period of four weeks.  I cannot wait to start this with you.

Additionally to the preparation above, I want you to go into Nature.  Go walk or sit in God’s Creation or at least think back to a holiday where you could experience God’s handiwork.

What do you love the most about His Creation?  The mountains, sea, birds, plants, animals? Be as specific as you can get.  

That’s it! If you have done all of this you are ready for the the first teaching, which will be unlocked a few days before our first group session.

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