Identity: Lesson 10: Hardwire freedom

I am…

What has God been telling you about your personality and deepest thoughts?

At the back of your book/file there are space to fill out your I am statements.  Fill out what God has been telling  you about who you are in there.

Reflect and Journal

Reflect back to the session we had.  Write the answers down in a journal.

Do you feel different about yourself?

What has been you biggest insight?

What will you do differently in future?



You have been created in HIS likeness, you are created with His thoughts and desires.  How does that make you feel?.  

Pray about your destiny as you are creating your clay and ribbon thingie.  

Become quiet, enter His Holy place, allow Jesus and the Holy Spirit to accompany you to the Father’s lap – He is waiting for you with outstretched arms.

I look forward to see you again next week.  You can continue to proceed to the next session


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