Mountain: Strategy 1: Raw Materials

 Raw Materials


Before we start any chemical reaction (change) we need to ensure we know what we have available and what we plan as a rough outcome.  The same with conquering a mountain, you need to know what you have and which mountain you are going to climb.  Only then it will become clear what you still require.  You don’t need to get it perfect at this stage, over time we will refine it. For example, you don’t have to have a final list of values finalized, we will refine it as we carry on.   You will not necessarily need perfect new ”tekkies” (sneakers) on your mountain journey, it might give you blisters.


Get as much information as you can and we will build it up over time.


There are three major questions to guide you through this phase.


Why? Who? and How?


Step 1:  Why?


Why are you climbing this mountain?  To answer that, create a Vision Board and address all the questions helping you to create one. 


To Do:

Complete the Vision Board Exercise as detailed below.


Step 2: Who?

Who am I? Who must come with? Who can help me?


See the detailed instructions in the two modules (Talents and Values) at the end of the lesson to expand on this.

To Do:

Complete the Strengths Excercise

Complete the Values Exercise


Step 3:  How?

How have I accomplished something similar in the past?


To Do:

Complete the questionnaire


Mountain Questionnaire

Download this document to help you answer some of the questions for these steps

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