Mountain: Strategy 2: Research


After you have established what products you want to form from which raw materials, you need to understand the chemical formula, the impurities that could hinder your reaction, the impact Temperature and Pressure has on your reaction, the presence of inert or other gasses.  You look the sequence of steps required for your reaction.  There are so many aspects one can research to make the chemistry work for you.

Now that you know what you have (or not have) and where you are heading towards, you can research everything that:

– you need to fill the gaps

– can keep you from reaching your goals

– can assist you to reach your goal

All of this helps you to build up your plan so that you are prepared for the next step to climb your mountain.

The Three major questions is What? Who? When?

For your research you are welcome to use any sources you can think of.

I normally use: The Bible, Google, feedback from friends.

I have added some more resources for you to consider. Sometimes you might stumble on something later on in the process, come back to your research and write it down so that you can use it later.  You might stumble on something during your research and not sure what to make of it.  Keep it, the answers to these will pop up as we continue on the journey.


Step 1: What will hinder (keep) you and what will help you?

 Remember my stories of limiting beliefs?  I added a video about it in here for you to refer back. Limiting beliefs, past failures, perfection, all of this can keep me, but you have a treasure chest of things that can help you and that has helped you in the past. 

To Do:

Complete the Limiting Beliefs Exercise

Complete the Previous Success Exercise


Here we focus less on Who you are and we look more towards Who can assist you (or limit you) during this journey.  It is important that you don’t use emotional manipulation or guilt when you approach someone to help you.  First talk to me to get the healthy approach.  For those that can prevent you, just keep the list, we will work on it at a later stage.  Also don’t worry about fixing the limiting beliefs now. All will be addressed in good time. This is the research stage, not the fixing or doing stage.

To Do: Complete the Who can help or prevent Questionnaire.

Who can help or prevent_


Timing is everything.  When must what happen?  What is the sequence of events required to add to the plan?

It is important to understand God’s plan and His timing, but it is not always so easy to know His timing.  I normally approach it from the viewpoint that I must get myself ready so that I can grasp the opportunity when it presents itself.  I need to become fit so that I am ready to execute when He gives me the green light.

It is also important to know how this fits into other priorities, how much time do you have available for this.  It will determine the When.

To Do:

Complete the How When Exercise


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