Mountain: Strategy 3: Remove



We have our Research,  we know everything we need to know and could lay our hands on for this chemical reaction.  We have too much info.  It can feel overwhelming.  Where should one start?

For one, we need to Remove what is not needed.  If your raw materials has anything in them that are detrimental, you have to clean it up.  Many times we had to remove impurities from our raw materials when we designed a new process.  We have many different separation technologies we could apply to remove.  We would choose the one which will work the best and then put the rest aside for this process.  You have done a lot of Research and Raw Material work.  Look at that.  Which Limiting Belief do you want to remove first.  Don’t try and capture them all simultaneously.

You have a Non-negotiable list (GREAT) and a maybe To Do list (GOOD), you already had to populate your calendar with the great and see where good can fit in.

Part of or Removal techniques are to be able to discern between Great, Good and Evil, to be able to distill the great stuff out.

I normally tell my clients, take all your thoughts, beliefs, comments from other people – everything that runs around in your head, imagine you cut your head open and flop the top open, take everything floating there and put it through a sieve, pray to God to help you remove the lies from the truth.  When you attend the Belt of Truth retreat, I give more strategies and practical help to help with this.  When you have sieved out the rubbish, put back the top of your head and enjoy your clear mind. 🙂

Sometimes I must remove the opinions others have of me (or what I think they have of me) and sieve that out of my mind.  Your sieve should be built on the pattern God has for your future, your Purpose.  Sieve out the wrong belief’s, negative voices and feedback and replace it with the right beliefs, a positive voice.

We need to be obedient to the call of God in our lives.  Let us remove all the other distractions.

Your preparation is done.  We will take the discussion further during the workshop

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