Mountain: Welcome


Thank you for participating in this workshop with me.  All the material we go through will always be accessible for you on this site.


I will notify you know when the online part of the course is open for you to go through prior to the workshop.


Some preparation will be required, otherwise I cannot imagine how we will get through all the material otherwise.


The workshop recording will also be loaded onto this site if you want to refer to it at a later stage.


There are a lot of worksheets to download and fill out – follow the steps and give me a shout if anything at any point does not make sense.

There are 3 major modules/sections

Section A

Prepare to Plan

You will go through quite a bit of this on your own prior to the workshop.

We sometimes do things without Planning.  It is important to Plan and to Prepare, while keeping it flexible (agile) enough to conquer the small, unexpected upsets we might find in life.  It is the same with a chemical Reaction – you need to plan what you want to do, otherwise you will either be disappointed with the lack of reaction or hurt in the explosion. You may be surprised on a few occasions with an interesting product when you don’t plan.  I assume you are on this course/workshop because you have not found that elusive surprise with your mountain.  🙂

Section B

Practice to Perform

A lot of this will be covered in the workshop, building on the preparation you have done in Section A.

Practice makes perfect.  In the ideal world we would like to have multiple loops of Teach, Test, Talk to Practice until we reach perfection, but time is against us.  If you sign up for coaching, we can Perfect these together.  Although I don’t believe in Perfection, I do believe one has to Practice new skills, habits, beliefs until it is easy to perform it effortlessly.  Then the Results becomes clear.  🙂

Section C

Perspective, the Final Product

We will kick this process off during the Workshop, but you will have to complete this on your own.

During Section B we try to hardwire some new thinking in a practical way.  Did it work?  Should you adjust your strategy?  Are there some areas where this did not work as well?  It is critical to close the loop, otherwise the Perspective and Final Product is not pure.  🙂

Buckle up your seatbelts.  We are off to a great start.

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