Last week I shared with you my journey at looking at my own heart as the field God is working on and how i want to reach the stage where I have a hundredfold life.  I do hope you will go on this journey with me and that you will reap the benefits implementing new thinking into your life.  As Jesus said in Mat 13:11 and 12a after His disciples asked him about why he speaks in parables. 

He aswered and said unto them, Because iti s give unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given.  For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance:

 This week I am looking at the hard road.

 Let us first look at the passage of the parable on the hard road (way side) and the passage of the explanation of the hard road

 Mat 13: 4

And when he sowed, some seeds fell by the way side, and the fowls came and devoured them up:

Mat 13: 19

When any one heareth the word of the kingdom, and understandeth it not, then cometh the wicked one, and catcheth away that which was sown in his heart. This is he which received seed by the way side.


 Let us start looking at the hard roads:  What are those, where do they come from?  Roads get hard by lots of traffic that use the same road over and over again, evenually the weight of the traffic compacts the ground and the ground gets hard.  A hard road makes it easier for traffic to reuse the same road.   You also need a road to get from one point to the next.  I am sure in the context of the soil, that process is hurtful, the soil feels choked, it cannot breathe. The soil is also not free to move around and receive water as it does in the good field.


Is there any area in your life that feels hurt, especially hurt that was inflicted on you over and over and over again?  Is there an area that feels choked, you cannot move, you cannot breathe?   It is normally some very deep hurt in your life as a child or adult.  Someone that really did something bad to you or something that hurt you deeply.  That hurt has been retraced in your mind so much, it is burnt into your memory.  You are willing to accept God’s grace in so many areas of your life, but that one area (the one where you got hurt the most) you hold onto, it has gotten so hard over the years, no seed can grow there.  Look at what the wicked one (the devil) does in verse 19: catchest away which was sown in his heart.  When you have these hard areas in your life and you hear the words of the Bible that can release you from it and set you free, and you have not allowed that part of the road to be worked on, the devil will come and easily picks up those seeds. There is a reason the devil uses things in our past to make us so hard inside,  he just don’t want your life to show more good harvest. 

How do you identify these areas?

In my life I call it the NO GO zones.  If anyone dares to discuss those areas with me, I bring up my walls, the walls I built along the years to protect the hurt in my heart and I want to scream out:  DO NOT GO THERE!!


Where is your NO GO zones? 


You can take it all, Lord, but this one I just want to keep close a little bit longer.  


I am not ready to forgive, it still hurts too much.  


It was SO bad, how can you expect me to give it up?  



Can you identify with any one of these?  

Another way to find these areas: 

Look where you struggle to find fruit in your life.  


Bad habits?


Who has walked over your heart so many times that it made a very very hard road?




Let us also have a look at our children

What could be in your children’s lives currently that is hardening them up?  Maybe some of your hurt that you are transferring?


I can share with you that in my life there has been a few of these, and there might still be a few of these:  I have been teased relentlesslessly at school, especially in Primary school.  I was tall.  Not just a little bit – a lot!  In Gr 4 I was taller than my teacher in my class.  In Gr 7 I was taller than ALL the teachers in the school.  I remember one day I started to write down all the names they have been calling me – I could fill one and a half A4 page of words on it.  For some or other reason I was a victim of their teasing.  That has resulted in me focussing all my attention on academics and not on human relationships.  Humans hurt me too much.  I missed out on so many blessing in life because I hardened my heart against people in order to protect myself. 




The birds can see the seed that is sown in your life is good seeds.  Who wants to go and eat/pick up rotten, bad seeds?.  The birds can see that it fell on the hard roadside, valuable seed wasted, where it is easy to pick it up, therefore they eat it.  But your heart is so hard, you just ignore it and don’t partake in the goodness of it. Parts of our hearts that are hardened cannot absorb the living water like a sponge, it just rolls down to the sides, and you allow it, because the hard road protects your heart from any further hurt. 



Let us look at other verses to support this idea.


In the next verses, replace the word “the unbeliever’s minds”“ with “”the hard roads in my heart””.  .


2 Cor 3:4


But even if our Gospel also be hidden, it is hidden to those who are perishing and obscured to those are spiritually dying and veiled to those who are lost. For the god of this world has blinded the unbelievers’ minds, preventing them from seeing the illuminating light of the Gospel of the glory of Christ, Who is the Image and Likeness of God.


Remember the god of this world was written with small caps (the devil), he does not want to reveal this to you, it will not benefit him. Maybe there is still a bit of unbelieve in your mind which translates to some unbelieve in your heart.

What shall we do with this hard soil in our lives?

 Till and toil.  I read interesting things about tilling the soil.  It is about turning over and breaking up.  You need to turn those bits in your heart over and break them up.  Tilling also removes unwanted weeds and roots from the soil. I think this is brilliant.  Get rid of all sin (weeds) and unwanted spiritual roots from your heart – unforgiveness?.  Even dormant weed seeds get stirred up which can germinate – let us even remove that from our hearts.  The process is long and complicated.  You might feel there is just no end to it – as you work on this hard soil, it is painful, it is never ending (just more and more and more weeds), but see it as a process of purification.  Just look at the promises in the Word. What will you gain by this?




Prov 13:15

Good understanding wins favour, but the way of the transgressor is hard (Like the barren, dry soil)




Barren, dry soil is a sin.  What then, is the opposite?  A good understanding and favour.  If you are willing to go through this process you will win favour and be blessed with good understanding maybe even blessed a hundredfold.




Ps 65:10

You water the field’s furrows abundantly, you settle the ridges of it, you make the soil soft with showers, blessing the sprouting of its vegetation.




If you open your heart to God, He will settle the hard ridges, make the soil soft and you will be blessed with vegetation.  I can see a wonderful willow tree settling in this soil, A willow tree that gives you the much needed tranquillity after all this labour.


To work on hard ground is a hard job.  It is not easy. It requires a lot of energy and force to spit deep, turn it over, spit again, and break up the hard bits and pieces. For this journey, you need to ask God to highlight to you the soruce of what made your heart so hard in the first place, ask God to remove the bitterness, unforgiveness, hurt from your heart and help you to heal from it.  Then you need to be willing to cry about the past, it is difficult and hard work to spit through hard soil, it will not be easy, but just remember the wonderful extra harvest you can bring in.  This process will feel never ending.  As you identify new areas in your life, you will have to go through this again.  But the promise of God is worthwhile in the end. You will only get the energy and the motivation to go on this journey if you keep your eyes on the prize and if you believe this is worth while. 


I had to open up my heart towards people to allow them to get closer to me, even though I was so scared of the judgement they might have towards me, even though I was so scared their friendships might inflict hurt on me.  I always kept people away at arm’s length. I had to relax my elbow and allowed people closer.  I had to relive the hurts from my past and work through it.  I had to learn new behaviours and get out of my comfort zone completely.  It was challenging, it was hard.  Sometimes I did get hurt, but I had to allow myself a little bit of hurt and believed that I might gain a lot of good things for the little hurt now and then.  If I did not gone on this journey, I would never have allowed my heart to open up towards men and I would never have allowed my husband to woo me.  I would still be a single Spinster being mad at life and not understanding why love cannot come my way.


Maybe your hurt is deeper than mine that I shared.  There are so many other stories of hurt out there, but also of healing that is bigger than our minds can comprehend.  God is bigger than your pain.  He is gentler and more loving than the people who has hurt you.  


Open your heart, open your mind.  Life is too short to be unhappy and to keep blessings from your life.  Please contact me if you need any support in this area (for free, I will not charge you anything on this subject).  God gives this freedom for you for free.


God bless.


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