PPP017 Psychology of the future

by Wilmien Davis | PPP: Passion Purpose Potential

Listen to the podcast audio by clicking above.

A new dynamic guest, Charlotte Kemp Mulvey and I know you will be inspired listening to this interview.  Part 1 focusses on Futuristic Thinking


Wilmien and Charlotte addresses many topics around utopia, distopia and a realistic view of life as well as some futuristic thoughts around education.

Read on for ways to contact either Wilmien or Charlotte, click on the screen above to listen to the interview.



You can reach Charlotte via her website: http://charlottekemp.co.za

Send me an e-mail: wilmien.wilmiendavisconsulting.co.za


 My favourite books, which I can highly recommend 

Emotional Intelligence 

Your Brain at Work 

 Quiet Leadership

Your Best Year Ever 

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality 


Purpose Driven Life


David and Goliath








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