What determines success?  When are you successful?  Do you we measure it by the amount of money you (or your business) receives?  Your income?
I want to tell you this little story from the soccer field.
The boys were practicing soccer the other day during club practice, while I was sitting in the pavillion, only looking at the game now and then, observing the boys’ behavior and what is going on in the field. They will snap their fingers on the field, calling out to the boy who has the ball to pass them the ball, but the ball is normally only passed to the one or two good players, leaving the other players frustrated.  This specific day their coach decided that he will be playing on one side to equal out the numbers and skills.  I saw the coach seeing the eagerness in some of the boys’ faces and he would try to pass the ball to each of them to allow them the experience.  My son was one of them.  It was good for my mommy heart to see the compassion the coach had for my son and the other boys.


Normally after soccer practice the major complaint from some boys are that no one seems to be passing them the ball and this time it was exactly the same story.  On our way home in the car I asked my son how he think the game went.  Well, he was very happy with himself.  “I am getting better!!!”   I had to bit my tongue, but asked him why he think he is getting better.  “Because they (coach) passed the ball 3 times to me!!”  I realized my son measures his success in the game by the rate at which the ball is being passed to him.  

The reality was, that he did get the balled passed to him, but he did not always pass the ball successfully to the other players in his team.  Many times he passed the ball successfully to the other team!  He had the wrong measure of success. I had to teach him that if he becomes the best passer of the ball to the players IN his team, he will naturally be starting to get more balls passed TO him.  He need to focus on passing, rather than on receiving, and then he will start to receive more.
Now I am going to ask you again.  How do you measure success in your life?  Is it how much money is passed TO you?  “”God, please pass to me!””  God is in your team and he passes favor to your side – as soon as you receive it, what will you do with it?
Do you pass it on to the ”other” team?  (e.g. buying video games, books, magazines with the wrong content; supporting your ”idols”, supporting your addictions)
Or do you pass it on to the player in your own team successfully? (supporting local church, charities, business with a purpose)
Maybe the team you want to play in, will pass more often to you when you pass on to them more frequently.
If God is our coach and He is in control of our finances – would he not see you and pass on to you?  What do you do with the ball in your court?
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