What a pleasure it was to facilitate the team strengths awareness session for the Executive team of Takalani Foundation in November 2015.

The Takalani foundation is a group of dynamic individuals across the country volunteering their time and effort while holding full time jobs or studies.

Working with this group as like having an energetic boost. No complaints about what the government is NOT doing, no complaints about parents, about poverty, about teachers, etc. This group seizes the reality and are committed to make a change by BEING the change agents.

They have started up in the beginning of the year (2015) and have already proven their worth by executing a few big projects, handing out books and providing support for bursary selection, applications, career guidance, mentoring, advice and painting classrooms.

All eight participants at the session were high thinkers. Thus, imagine the challenging questions 🙂 .  They took the learning to heart and made the most of the session. However, they do not stop at thinking! They have the right makeup to step out and make their thinking a reality.

Well done, Takalani Foundation, you will go far!

You can read more about the work they are doing at: http://takalanifoundation.org/index.html


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