The last two weeks I started to introduce the topic of the blood, why it is crucial for physical and spiritual life and the foundation of blood.  Today I will share some of the insights around the ingredients of blood.  Enjoy it, may it resonate with you and struck a chord.


 The first ingredient I would like to discuss are red blood cells – the substance which gives blood its red colour.  The Red blood Cells are responsible to carry carbon dioxide out of the body and to carry oxygen into the body through the lungs and heart to all the cells. Again I will make parallels between the physical properties and some spiritual insights and I pray that these insights will make this sign that Jesus gave us during communion, so much more significant.  


There are so many aspects of red blood cells that one can dive into.  I will start to talk about the foundation of red blood cells – the building block of red blood cells – haemoglobin today and look at the impact of that on our bodies and our spirit. At a later date I will look at oxygen and breathing and the removal of poisons and carbon dioxide.  

When we look at the human body and anatomy, we learn the following of red blood cells:

Red blood cells carries oxygen from the lungs to the body and then convert exchange it with carbon dioxide back to the lungs.  They are dougnut shaped and contains big amounts of a protein called haemoglobin.  Haemoglobin contains a lot of iron molecules.  It is these iron molecules that gives the blood its red appearance and the iron molecules are crucial in the chemical reaction to attach to oxygen and carbon dioxide.  Haemoglobin also plays and important role in maintaining the shape of the red blood cells that is critical for carrying oxygen and the ability to go through capillaries in the lungs and in the rest of the body.  Oxygen gas has a very low solubility in blood fluids and the circulatory system would not be able to deliver enough oxygen to tissues using dissolved oxygen alone, haemoglobin allows the supernatural high levels of oxygen transported to the rest of the body, it allows for a very high amount of oxygen transported.

I was curious to investigate the iron in the haemoglobin.  Apart for being responsible for the red colour of blood, it allows for the shape of the blood and for the crucial chemical reactions that transports oxygen and carbon dioxide.  Both the shape and chemical reactions are critical for delivering the ingredient to get the furnace burning.

We will investigate oxygen and breathing in more depth later, but I would like to discuss the impact heamoglobin has on the ability to carry oxygen, which is crucial for life, to all the cells in the body.  As I mentioned before, blood without haemoglobin will be bland, your body will crave more without your lungs and blood being able to supply what it needs.  Heamoglobin is the key to increase the oxygen supply required for optimum life, to feel energized, to be truly alive.  Is it not the same with our spiritual lives as well?  Without Jesus’s blood, His Red Blood Cells with the magical heamoglobin, our spirits will be bland, we will not get enough oxygen, our spirit will be starved and hungry.  We need the supernatural work of the Spirit in us to be truly alive.  Looking at heamoglobin only shows us one of the aspects of how amazing blood is, linking it to the Blood of Jesus amazes me to realize how significant and important the Blood is – a perspective I have not had before.  That is why you feel tired without any energy when you are anaemic, when you don’t have enough haemoglobin in your blood.  You will feel constantly tired, without any energy.  Oxygen is needed in the ‘furnace’ of your cells, your cells cannot burn the ‘food’ it receives if it does not get enough oxygen.  The furnace produces energy for the body.  The brain needs this energy to function optimally.  If you have chronic anaemia, you get so used to the low oxygen levels, that it takes time for the person to realize that they are anaemic, sometimes they only realize it when the symptoms becomes more severe.  Don’t get caught spiritually with low levels of energy, don’t get anemic.  Inviting His blood in on a regular basis, your spirit will be energized, your brain will function properly, you will have energy to cope with what live throws at you.

I am wondering.  Is our thoughts not like the haemoglobin in our red blood cells?  Our thoughts can be the transport system that get us down and miserable or they can fuel our energy levels.  As iron determines the shape of the red blood cells – what shapes are your thoughts?  What colors are your thoughts?  Do you always see red out of anger?  Are your thoughts shaped by bitterness?  The shapes of your thoughts should be iron strong – if not, it will steal your energy.

Job, in the midst of severe affliction, penned his thoughts of God down as such: 


Job19:24-25 That with an iron pen and lead they were graven in the rock forever! For I know that my Redeemer and Vindicator lives, and at last He will stand upon the earth.

He was miserable with low energy levels, totally understandable if you realise what he had to go through, but even in all of that, he made sure he engraved permanent shapes into his mind about who God is.  I think the blood of Jesus, the red blood cells, the haemoglobin that is made from iron, should be engraved into your mind like an iron pen.  Never to forget who He is – that will give you the strength and energy to carry on.

Iron is a very useful substance, if it is used in the correct way, if it is in the correct shape or in the right place.  Iron in the red blood cells is used in the correct way and it gives the correct shape.  Iron should be used appropriately.  in the same way your emotions, your thoughts should be shaped correctly and be used appropriately.  When you have pride (let us call it pride of steel or pride of iron) it means the iron is not in the correct shape or in the right place, it is not in the red blood cells, it is used inappropriately.  Or if your heart is as hard as iron, you cannot feel emotions, the shape of your iron heart is wrong and therefore you cannot function optimally.

I stumbled upon verses in Leviticus and Deuteronomy that referred to iron:

Lev 26:19 And I will break and humble your pride in your power, and I will make your heavens as iron and your earth as brass.

Deut 28:23 The heavens over your head shall be brass and the earth under you shall be iron.

The one verse refers to the heavens as iron and the earth as brass and the next refers to it the other way around. Imagine if our heavens is like iron, that means it cannot contain water, the land (earth below) will be barren,  as barren as brass.  No growth or life can spring forth from it.   The other verse refers to the earth to be like iron.  If your heart, earth, is as hard as iron, you will struggle with relationships.  It will impact work and home.  It will feel that you work extra hard at your relationships, at work, at home, everything will feel like effort, because it is as hard as iron.  Therefore, having iron at the right place is critical for you to have a better life.  Let go of pride that will make the heavens hard and let go of an iron heart, let the iron of Jesus rather flow through your veins and you will get better results.

Are you an iron man or an iron woman? Do you pride yourself in your strength?  Don’t be that headstrong, allow God to break the iron it up, to soften it, to move the iron from your strong mind/will to your red blood cells – there you will find life. Write the words of Job, the words of who God are, with an iron in your heart and let your heart pump the iron to the rest of your body.  Then it will yield energy, don’t lock the iron up in your heart and in your mind.  Let go of it, let the iron do its work in the right shape, in the appropriate place, where it is more efficient for your body and your spirit.

It is not easy doing this out of your own accord, we can only do this by the grace of Jesus, by power in His blood.  His blood is as strong as iron.  It can change your thoughts, it can give you energy, it can give you more energy, more oxygen due to the iron in it.  Tap into this supernatural source and you will find more in life than you thought is possible.  Today I have shared one property of blood that has a spiritual significance for me.  May it flow through your foundations and change your life.  More on this next week.  God bless.





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