We are fast approaching Easter and it always remind me of the final Passover feast and Jesus’s words where He asked His disciples to drink His blood and eat His flesh symbolically.  A few years ago the blood represented by the wine got new meaning for me and I wish to share some of it with you and hopefully make your communion time and Easter a deeper experience.  

Communion is about bread and wine, body and blood. The two are inseparable. You cannot have blood if it is not contained in a body (blood outside of the body is dead), blood can only be living if it is contained in the arteries of the body. In the same way the body is dead if it contain no blood.  We can eat bread and consume wine separately, but blood and body cannot be separated from one another.  When I unpack this series (at the time of writing this, I had no idea how many posts will be linked to this) I will start to look at the blood first and finish off with the significance of the body.  

My inspiration came from studying the human body with my children, looking at videos explaining what happens inside the body, the different things blood consists of and the reason for everything we find in our blood.  When I looked at blood through the eye of science, I realized that many of the things I saw can be translated to the spiritual.  I do hope you will find this journey as inspiring and interesting as I did when I first stumbled on the idea and as I am still learning more and more about this subject.  God is amazing.  He had all this knowledge and symbolism back in the time of Abraham, and the more we understand human science and make new discoveries, I find that nothing is new – God knew and He has used this symbolism thousands of years ago already.      It is a privilege to be able to uncover some of these truths.

Blood is a very significant subject in the Bible and a cornerstone of the Christian faith.  Most people don’t like the sighting of blood and it makes them feel nauseous. Blood is the sign of life and death, it can be a sign of evil, but it can also be a sign of what is good. Think about the celebrations around blood – the Passover and the crucifixion.  There is a lot of blood flow when a baby is born into the world.  You can choose to be scared, put off by it, or you can choose to see the greatness in it.  These posts aims to make connections between the physical attributes of blood with the spiritual and emotional attributes of blood.

Blood is one (of a few) ingredients that is key to human life.  Blood (a lot of it) is required for living (about 5 liters in an adult body), our heart’s foremost job is to pump and circulate blood throughout the body to each and every cell, in order to give it life. In 2014 and old colleague of mine was in a freak accident.  She was cycling with friends, when a truck hit her and dragged her off 500 meters along.  She sustained severe injuries and was still conscious when help arrived.  She had severe internal bleeding, but died on their way to the hospital.  Everyone believed that she would have survived, if she just received a blood transfusion in time.  In the same way we will only survive (in the afterlife) if we get Jesus’s blood transfused in our arteries in time – before our bodies die, so that our spirits can live on.

Blood carries food, oxygen, minerals, healing, fighting and water to each and every part of your body. 

In these articles and voice recordings, I will go into a few technicalities around the ingredients of blood, but the idea is to make parallel references and maybe to understand the significance of blood and why it is such an important role during communion.  I am not proclaiming to believe I am drinking blood every time I use communion, I also don’t want to fall into a traditional trap where I do things because it has been done like that my whole life.  I want to make the most out of the symbolism Jesus left us – to make every time I use communion count and to reconnect with my Saviour and remember what exactly happened so many years ago.  I will be focusing on the metaphor of blood, the thing the red wine or grape juice represents, the metaphor which is important and which connections each of us make with the metaphor. My prayer is that this is will lock open some deeper meaning for you when you use communion, to understand a bit more of the fullness of the blood and the significance of it during communion.

There is a few songs we sing of the blood, that keeps on playing in my mind when I work on this:

At the cross:  Where your blood ran red and our sins washed white.

Nothing but the blood:  What has washed away my sin?  What has made me whole again?  Oh precious is the flow, that makes me white as snow. No other fount I know. Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

Oh the blood: (Kari Jobe): Crimson love. Oh the blood of Jesus washes me and shed for me.  Yes, the blood, it is my victory.

No longer a slave of fear: Your blood flows through my veins.  I am accepted into a new family.


Blood is the red fluid that circulates in our blood vessels, i.e. veins and arteries. The main function of blood is to act as the body’s transport system, it transports oxygen, nutrients, water, poisons, white blood cells, immunity to and from each and every part of your body. There is no substitute for blood. It cannot be made or manufactured synthetically. Donors are the only source of blood for patients who need it.

Blood is needed for growth, for health. If a person’s main source of blood flow are rupture, they will die.  If a part is broken, it will die off. For a person to be healthy, he needs a constant supply of blood – not haphazard and ad – hoc.  The same in our spiritual lives – we need the Blood of Christ to flow constantly to enable us to be revitalized and stay healthy.  I think that is the idea of communion, not to follow and empty tradition and go through the motions, but to remind us of the power of the Blood, to refill our souls if we turn our eyes to Jesus and recognize where our source of energy, life and health comes from.  Every time I uses communion, I see the wine/grape juice as a reminder of the Blood, as a reminder to fill my cup daily with God’s Word and presence. 

Our blood transports the vitamins, minerals, food in our bodies to the different parts in the body.  The Body of Christ – the bread we have during communion reminds us of the Word of God and can be transported to all the parts of our Spirit via the Blood, it gives sustenance, growth, energy

May your week be filled with energy and growth.  Talk to you next week.  Blessings



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