Time flies! My daughter and I had a quiet chuckle, when we saw a vintage aeroplane like this one in a shop.  (Picture will follow – I am experiencing technical difficulties…) The aeroplane’s nose was converted into a clock!!

But the reality in life is that there is not enough time for everything that we want to do.  Or is there?

Do you ever wonder?

·         How (or when) can I live an excellent life? 

·         What do I need to do to feel accomplished? 

·         When will I have enough time for the things that is most important?

I recently listened to Dan Clark on a podcast and he had some very interesting views, which got me thinking…..  One thing he pressed is that:

We need to get back to basics and be excellent in the basics if we want to excel.

I resonated with that a lot.  I know I get distracted with so many different things, which leads to me only touching the surface.  This way I will never become an expert in anything!  I don’t want to become an expert in everything!  That will be quite impossible, but there is one or two things I dearly want to achieve in life.  I want to become excellent in it. 

But the basics?  Yes, the basics.   And the basics can be the same for so many areas of your life.  One of the basics Dan talks about is to:

Refuse to waste time.

Our household was spared the effort to get rid of our TV set (aarrggh!!). But before that unfortunate event, we did spend a lot of time addicted to the good and bad that entered our house via the airwaves.  It was a blessing in disguise when it was stolen.  My husband decided not to replace the TV and I thought he was crazy!  It is abnormal not to have so many different companions in your house whom you don’t know and with whom you have no relationship with.  Suddenly we had free time and after a year we did not even miss all those familiar programs.  But did we get more effective, did we utilize that time more efficiently?  Maybe a little, but oh dear! Facebook, iPad, YouTube, etc. quickly comes in and gobbles up that extra time.  It is amazing when I create my own deadlines for a project of how easily I adapt to fast from electronics – that showed me that:

I only spend (waste) time on the internet and social media when I am bored.

We have forgotten what it is to just savour life and those around us.  We are not intentional in spending quality time with our loved ones.  We forgot what it is to just ponder about life and allow our brains to become quiet.  Do you know that reflection time (meditation, mindfulness) improves the efficiency of your brain and that the internet and Facebook has the opposite effect?  I always argued that it is my relaxing time, but unfortunately all the latest brain science shows that our brains gets stimulated (unproductively) and does not go into a rest state when we interact with electronics.

So, I want to challenge you: what can you stop doing to waste time? 

Everyone of us would love to have 30mins extra a day, which translates to 3.5 hrs a week!!!!

Spend some time this week and see if there is anything that is eating up your time.  Today I commit to ignore Facebook for 7 days, what will you do, ignore or stop doing?  Write it down.  Great!

But we don’t want to get to a situation where another timewaster can replace the one we have just eliminated.  If you had an extra 3-4 hours, what would you like to do with it?  Read a book?  I can read a good quality book to my children in 4hrs week if I consistently spend 15 – 30mins a day reading out loud.  The bonding time are worth much more than the less superficial Facebook bonding. 

What can you do with your extra 15 mins a day?

Jim Collins wrote a book where he stated: Many times good is the enemy of great!  I think many of our distractions are good, but they keep us from begin great.  Many times we are so complacent with good relationships, we don’t spend the time and effort to experience great relationships – like with my children and reading for instance.  Many times we are complacent in our working environment that we don’t push the comfort zone boundary a bit further to become great at what we are doing.

Let us take hands and REFUSE TO WASTE TIME – let us embrace the journey to leave good behind and become great.  There is no time like the holiday period to embrace new, good habits.  Start to do the things you are passionate about – use your extra time to reflect about your year, what you must stop doing and what you must start doing.  Decide on a few goals and make sure you get an accountability partner.  It can be a friend, a family member, a life coach.  Without spending time on becoming great, don’t complain about where you are in life.  Embrace life and the journey to greatness! 

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