How and When?

If you know the timing – great, carry  on.  Many times we have wanted to start ages ago, but just never had the courage, the will, the opportunity. Sometimes we wait for God to open up a great opportunity for us.

One thing I have learned is that I need to be mountain fit before I get the opportunity to climb a mountain.  You need to get ready before the opportunity presents itself. 

On top of that we need to keep our calendars from being so full that one small upset creates chaos.  You cannot be ready for an opportunity if there is no opportunity to fit the new opportunity into your calendar.  See the video about the Hare and the Tortoise.

You need to become mountain fit.  King David had to conquer many battles in the mountains before he could become King of Judah and then King of Israel.  He had to become mountain fit before he could take the opportunity of the major mountain being King. Becoming fit gives you stamina to keep at it for longer periods, it gives you speed (we can do the same mountain much faster), it allows you to cover greater distances.

Create a list for yourself of everything you are currently busy with. You can even consider looking at every hour when you reflect back on your day.  Consider downloading an app to show you how much time you have spent on games, facebook, linkedin, emails, phone calls, food prep, etc.  Be as honest as possible.

I am an entrepreneur.  I keep myself busy with many things.  Many small things I need to give attention to.  Sometimes I realized I did so many small things that I never got to the big things.  I need to ensure I spend my time wisely.  I need to make time for the real important stuff in my life.

I am part of a group of 4 women, Christian entrepreneurs who are keeping each other accountable.  We have such great goals we are chasing, but one week all of us felt we were neglecting our husbands, children, God.  We were honest to each other.  I then suggested we all list our non-negotiables.  Which things in life can we allow ourselves to fail on and which things can we recover from.  It was interesting.  We agreed we cannot fail in our relationship with God, our spouses and our children.  This gave us such perspective.  Does our list include these non-negotiables?  I suggested we scratch our lists totally.  We then write down our non-negotiables in our diaries and the times we allocate for that.  Then only do we take the time left over and pick the one or two additional list items that can reasonably fit into our calendars.  Even though we know these things, we don’t do them.  A week later when we reconvened, all of us were calmer, we all had great energy because we got to our non-negotiables and we all had time to spend on the additional items.  Some even claimed they got more done in that week.

I strongly believe God will give back time in abundance which we spend with him.

Draw up a non-negotiable list vs a nice to do list.

Populate your calendar with the non-negotiable items first.

 Look at your nice to do list.  Which two things need priority?

Add those things in your calendar, ensuring you allow enough time to do it in normal circumstances.

Remember to build in float.  See video of float.

Now you can take the next things on your list to populate if there is space in your calendar.  STOP when your calendar is filled up.  Don’t allow yourself to have more than can be done.  It is unreasonable. Don’t compare to others.  You can only do as much as your current capacity or fitness allows you, otherwise you will be in pain (think of sore muscles) which will keep you from performing in any way.

SCRATCH everything from your current to do list that could not fit into your calendar.  Keep those items on a ‘’maybe on day’’ list.  Only add things on your to do list that could fit into your calendar.

The quote of John Maxwell “Say NO to the GOOD things, so that you can say YES to the GREAT things” has helped me with this.  Our To Do lists are so full of good things that we never get to do the great things.  Start doing great things today.

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