Previous Successes

So often in life we are held back by failure, I’ve tried it, it does not work, I am giving up.  This is a natural consequence of a limiting belief.  You have not always been like this.  I am sure of it.

When you’ve been a baby, your first attempt to walk was surely not a success.  How many times did you fall down your bicycle before you were able to cycle smoothly? You have been able to overcome failure in your life. For some reason you have lost that tenacity as you grew up. Take back some of that tenacity.

Think about this challenge you are facing, have you ever had to overcome something similar?  How did you go about doing it?

List your past successes, things you did well, things you completed, things you have conquered.

What strategies did you use?  Which of your strengths did you use?  Who helped you?

You may not find this is that relevant to your current challenge, but keep on thinking and contemplating this.  Sharing this with a friend or coach can also help to clarify many of the links between your previous successes and your current challenge.

Questions to assist you with this.

List your 3 greatest accomplishments to date: what made these stand out for you?  How can you use what you’ve learned from your success in the current situation?

Who are the role models or people you aspire to be like?

What attributes do you most admire and appreciate? 

What attributes have you adopted?

What five adjectives describe you? 

What are the most positive aspects of your practice? Your life?

Five things you love to do, hate stop doing, can’t wait to do again?

What energizes you?

What do you love most about being coached?

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