Vision Board

Vision Board


You will never go on a journey unless you have some end in mind.  You need to move towards something, even if the something for now is ill defined.

My parents in law went on a journey without a specific end in mind.  They left Brittain (in Europe) immediately after they got married and started off South, at first not knowing where this adventure will take them.  They did not have a final destination in mind, but they did have adventure in mind.  They could smell and taste the new exotic food, they could see the interesting animals in their mind’s eye, they could feel the wind in their hair.  Even though they did not have a destination in mind, they had an experience in mind.   At the end they decided to head to Australia after visiting South Africa, but in South Africa my mother in law fell pregnant with my husband and they decided to stay and raise a family in South Africa. 🙂

Whether you are clear about your destination or not, prepare a description about the experience you expect at least.  You will only choose to climb a mountain if you know the experience is incredible or the view is spectacular.  It is so important to know why you climbing this mountain, this reminds you why you choose it and motivates you when the going gets tough

1. Choose the type of VisionBoard you want.


There are many types of Vision Boards.

Physical Vision Boards.

The most well-known type of VisionBoard is big piece of paper, cardboard with pictures on it.  See this link for many examples to spur your creativity

51 Vision Board Ideas for Your Important Goals in 2021

If you don’t like physical Vision Boards, and prefer Electronic Vision Boards, there are loads of types to choose from.


Opening an Pinterest Board is a great start to a physical or an electronic Vision Board.   The Pinterest Board could be your Vision Board or it could be the inspiration for your Vision Board.

Powerpoint, Canva

You can create your Vision Board on Powerpoint or Canva and keep the electronic file on your PC as a wallpaper or print the file as a physical vision board.  Once a client of mine made a whole presentation from her journey on Powerpoint and added music to the whole affair.  She started with black, depressing pictures and sad music and showed the transformation to white pictures, happy pictures and happy music.  It was very creative and impactul.

Whatever method you choose.  Choose something.  You can always change it later when you get new inspiration.



Get content for your vision board.


A Vision Board is supposed to be a Visual Reminder, therefore pictures that talk to you, pictrues that create and emotion in you are perfect to use.  Apart from pictures, words, arrows, quotes are also powerfull to add.  You want to be able to stand away from it and with a quick glance, immediately be reminded why you choose to climb this mountain.  A reminder of the view or experience you expect.

You want it to connect with your senses, you must be able to look at it and be transported to the place of victory.  You want to be able to see, hear, taste, smell and feel the experience.  I know this can be a bit strange, but ask yourself the following questions to help you find the right visual aids.

Close your eyes.  Imagine you have reached the summit, you have experienced the victory, what do you see, feel, hear, smell, taste?

You might be seeing a positive bank balance if your mountain was finances, or a new care, or a great holiday.

You can feel the waves crushing over you.

You can taste the salty seawater, smell the suncream lotion and feel excitement or relaxed as you stare out over the sunset, while you feel the hard rock and the sand between your toes.

Find pictures to represent these sensations.

Maybe you can taste the sweetnes of honey after the victory.  Research for pictures that can capture the moment, words to remind you and paste or print it, ready to be assembled.  As you work through the rest of the modules, you might add if something becomes clearer for you.

Assemble the Vision Board


Now you can arrange your pictures, words, quotes to make the board your own.  Before you finalize it, stand back and see if it gives you that motivational feeling when you see it all in front of you.

Share it with someone who can appreciate all your hard work.  Definitely share it in this group.

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