So many people are caught up in everyday life.  They feel trapped in financial status, relationships, and circumstances.

Though many Christians believe our faith separates us from so many other religions by the understanding of the freedom we have in Christ.

But why are we not free?  Why are so many of us caught in finances, relationships, performance, circumstances?

Do we understand the freedom our faith offer us?  Maybe we have a distorted view of freedom.

Freedom is….

  • To be free to do whatever I like/want to do.
  • To be free to make my own choices

All of this has truth elements in it – but is it 100% true?  Can I choose to do whatever I like to (whether it is right or wrong?)  What determines right from wrong?

I am free to choose – but I am not free from the consequences of the choices I make.

 The more I walk on my own journey, the more I realized and found a deep inner freedom that enables me to reach more of the potential and dreams God has ordained for me.

I was not free, because I had peels over my eyes, which made me spiritually blind for the truth and sometimes it was because I was hiding from the truth (light), let us call it masks.  I was caught up in what the world thought success looked like.  I was caught up in a performance drive and people’s opinions of me.

I don’t think we as Christians are free to live an immoral life.

I think we are free from: the past; fear; opinions.

Fear that the events from the past will repeat itself

Fear of the possibility of people’s negative opinions about us

Fear of rejection

Fear of not being good enough

Fear of not having enough

Fear of being alone

Fear of danger

Fear of death

Fear my children will be ………

 Each of us can make a different list of all things we fear.

Monday morning I woke up with the song in my head: “I’m no longer a slave of fear – I am a child of God.”

We are slaves of fear

Jesus has already set us free – he has severed the bonds of the chains, which bounds us. We have nothing to fear – even death has lost it sting.

I see a picture before me.

 A picture of a prison cell, dark and damp, with those think chains bolted into the walls.  I see our arms and feet in iron bands connected to the chains.  I see that Jesus has broken the middle chain links, but our hands are holding on to the chain ends that are still connected to the walls of the prison cells.  He has set us free, but we are still clinging to the ends, which is connected to the prison cell walls.

When will we let go?

When will we be brave and courageous enough to step out of the very familiar prison cell into the light? What are we afraid of? Afraid that our past might catch up with us?

Afraid people will judge us?

Afraid we might not make it?

Afraid to be caught again?

Our hands are so busy clutching the chain ends, that it’s limiting our ability to perform to our full potential.

Over the next few weeks, I would like to explore this concept of freedom with you.

Are you ready to be set free?

As we carry on – let me know which things are captivating you, which things are holding you back. What are you afraid of?

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