Have you ever found God talking to you while you are trying to teach your children about God?  I am amazed at how His Holy Spirit will take each and every opportunity to talk to our hearts and draw us closer Him.

I am trying a new method to disciple my children by helping them reading the word and hear what God is telling them.  As I was busy preparing for our discussion, I pulled the dictionary closer to get synonyms for the words I think they might not understand. 

My son choose this verse the previous day as the one that stood out for him.

NLT Prov 8:7  For I speak truth and detest every kind of deception.

 As I try to practice what I preach, I used the same passage and choose a different one for me.

KJV Prov 8:9 They are all plain to him who understands [and opens his heart] and right to those who find knowledge [and live by it].

My daughter choose her own.

NIV Prov 8:11 For wisdom is more precious than rubies and nothing you desire compare with her.


This reminds me of a favorite university song that we always sang during our youth meetings:


God, You are, more precious than silver.

God, You are, more costly than gold.

God, You are, more beautiful than diamonds.

And nothing I desire compares with you.


I am sure that song was inspired by this verse. J  Or at least half of the song was inspired by it.


The last two months we had a certain challenge with each of the two children, at it is amazing how they choose verses by themselves that speaks directly to each of their own challenges without me interfering.  I am starting to learn more that God has to do the parenting and I only need to facilitate the process.   What a burden that is lifted from my shoulders!!


My daughter’s verse struck me.  Rubies are a precious stone, like the diamond and the sapphire in my wedding ring.  I recently saw many wedding pictures of friends celebrating anniversaries.  I love wedding photos and it is always interesting to see the bride’s ring.  So as I was meditating, looking at my wedding ring, I realized that my marriage will ONLY work if my husband is more precious, more valuable than my wedding ring.  As soon as his value is lower than that of the precious stones I wear on my finger every day, my marriage will be in jeopardy.  My wedding ring is a reminder to value him more, every day. 

And this got me thinking, the passage in Prov 8 uses a metaphor:  Wisdom is like a lady.  In the context of the Bible, God is the ultimate Wisdom.  So if rewriting the passage, it will come to something like this:

God is more valuable than a precious stone, and nothing that you wish for can measure up to Him.

What do we wish for?  Do you wish for a good marriage?  For well-behaved or successful children?  For success at work or for a certain amount of money each month?  A new house or car?  A makeover for your house? 

Each of us can create a different list of things, but all of that need to be measured in how our value of God measures up to these things.  God must be more precious to me than the ring on my finger.  If my husband’s value must be more than the ring to have a successful marriage, the ring must remind me not only of my husband, but also of God’s value in my life.  God must be more valuable to me than my husband.  I need this daily reminder, an hourly reminder, because I tend to forget when I am busy with my daily tasks. 

Make a list of the things you value.  Don’t feel silly about what you list there.  It is human to have a wish list.  One thing on my wish list (apart from what I listed above) is to go on a cruise ship through the Panama Canal.  List everything you can think of that you wish for in your life.  Then submit it to God – give it to Him in prayer.  He will then work with you on it in His own way that fits your personality.  But above all else, put Him first.

So how do we go about it?  I understand verse 9 as follows.  They are all plain to him who understands.  Wisdom (God) is easy to understand.  And right to those who find knowledge. Wisdom seem right (correct) to those who have knowledge.  Knowledge is information and facts that you gain when you study or gain experience from your life.  Wisdom will be easier to understand and for us to agree on its correctness if we study it more and start to live by it.  The more time I spend with God, the more I understand him and therefore the more I value him, but what I learn must go into action, I need to make it part of my life. Or it is all in vain. 

Every year, when I look back at my journey, I realize I thought I knew Him, but this year I stood in awe again of how marvelous He is from what I learned from His creation.

This year I would like to motivate you to understand Wisdom better, to live a life of Wisdom.  Try it out, you have nothing to loose, but so much to gain. 





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