The idea/problem

For a Business Owner or a Divisional Manager it is vitally important to have a team that supports the business/division’s Strategy (the Vision and Mission), but so many times we find that each individual is pulling in his/her own direction.

In his book, The 8th habit, Stephen Covey writes:

“In this chapter we take on the leadership challenge of uniting people who are diverse in their strengths and ways of seeing the world into one voice, one great purpose.”

“The third alternative would be to involve people reasonably in the process of developing the vision, mission and strategy and recognize that if you build a strong enough culture of trust, and are personally trustworthy yourself, the power of identification is equal to the power of involvement.”

How does one get that culture of trust?  How do you get the power of identification and involvement from your team, employees?  This is what engagement is all about.  Not only to get each and every one operating in their Strengths, but for them to buy in on the company culture and goals.

The times I’ve been most engaged and most involved in my company was when I felt I had a say, my voice counts.  

The solution

Get your team in the New Year to sit down, strategize together, make the vision and mission REAL, authentic and powerful.  Allow yourself to be part of the team and work with them at it.  In preparation for this, use your year-end function with your team and sit together for the first few hours reflecting on the year, what went right, what went wrong, where can you as business improve.  Then we use that information strategically in the New Year to strategize the business and put clearly defined goals on the table that supports the Vision and get the results that you as business owner requires.

The proposal

I am available in October/November to sit down with your business to reflect and facilitate a session with your team and then in January/February to take that into another strategic facilitation session to define a goal and to plan ahead.

The costs

Contact us for a custom made quotation.

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